Ethnic inspired Digital Prints by Clover Canyon + Resort 2014 Collection


Clover Canyon‘s resort 2014 collection was heavily influenced by Cuban culture the colorful and vibrant play on prints are a breath of fresh air and my love for this emerging label keeps growing stronger since Khloe Kardashian wore a long board stretched mini dress by Clover Canyon. Tropical motifs, Cuban cigars, havana fare, fruit and mosaic patterns can all be found stretched, skewed, and altered to accentuate feminine curves within this collection. Flattering, clean and flowing, as to not subtract the focus from the digital masterpiece of neoprene print work. These graphically altered prints are designed to catch your attention and hold it. The overall consensus in fashion is prints are dying down and consumers are opting for complementary or monochrome solid color schemes. However, we love Clover Canyon‘s play on prints. Ethnic inspired prints, patterns and details are going against the grain and turning fashion’s norm of sharp sophistication into a consumer carnival! Adorn yourself with color, and multifaceted patterns because it’s time to join the party in your ethnic best!



What do you think of Clover Canyon’s collection?



For this Autumn 2013 lookbook, Loza Maléombho decided to continue with her quirkiness in this collection from the clothing, styling to her choice of model depicting awkward chicness. Loza has started an interesting trend, she uses selected fabrics from Ghana and Cote d’ivoire and she sure knows how to manipulate and construct uber fabulous architectural shaped garments to fit well. Loza Maléombho A/W 2013 features richly crafted pieces which includes, long jackets, black batik looking dresses, knee length cape dress, white long sleeves shirts with oversized collars which reminds me of the victorian times collar shapes and tie dye 3/4 length pants and midi length shirt with buttons heading straight down to the knee. These silhouettes are uplifted with the roughly blown afro hair, yet as you look right down the look is toned down with boyish footwear.


What are your thoughts on Loza Maléombho A/W 2013 collection?



Adele Dejak is pleased to announce the introduction of Adele Dejak clothing to be launched at department store La Rinascente, Milan, Italy. Working with La Rinascente is the next part of our journey and relationship with Italy following time spent with Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, exhibiting at Vogue Talents at Milan fashion week September 2012 and collaborating with Ferragamo on BAGS FOR AFRICA. The capsule collection for spring/summer 2013 uses Kitenge fabric from Uganda and is handmade in Kenya. The collection is inspired by classic dress design working with East African fabric. Dresses will be available in La Rinascente Milan from April 2013. Dresses will also be stocked in Adele Dejak‘s outlets in Village Market, Nairobi, Westgate, Nairobi and Lamu, Kenya. ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICAANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-1ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-88ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-888ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-777ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-555ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-9ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-99ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-4ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-5ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-7ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-8ANKARA-PRINTS-KENYA-FASHION-LUXURY-SHADDERS-AFRICA-2388410_515125558551594_1215979997_n   For more information please contact

Photos: Media Might



Bridal wear and couture designer William Calvert recently invited  jewellery and accessories designer Toubab Paris to showcase her collection at his private showroom sales for his clients to view and purchase. The collection as you see below is vibrant, dramatic  and oversized pieces, she uses African prints fabrics where the designer draws her inspiration from the African Heritage. Toubab Paris also adds interesting ornaments to create her collections, the twirling rope jewellery reminds me of Pichulik Jewellery which I have featured here but without the prints.  Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-1 Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-4Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-3 Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-5 Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-6 Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-8Toubab-Paris-AFRICAN-PRINTS-JEWELLERY-ANKARA-FABRICS-7



I just stumbled across these ‘African Print’ fabric lipstick cases, how interesting? I guess for those who love makeup products and are keen to have things in their cases then this is something you might like. These days, the use of dutch ‘African Print‘ fabric has become popular with other lifestyle brands, I have seen print umbrellas, ipad cases, bow tie, pens, diary covers the list is endless. Share your thoughts below!AFRICAN-PRINTS-FASHION-LUXURY-CASES- AFRICAN-PRINTS-FASHION-LUXURY-CASES-1 AFRICAN-PRINTS-FASHION-LUXURY-CASES-3 AFRICAN-PRINTS-FASHION-LUXURY-CASES AFRICAN-PRINTS-FASHION-LUXURY


Find out more here: Print Cases




Alexandra Mann’s wash bags are sewn from dutch prints cloth destined for the African market, her designs are boldly graphic and she deliberately selects awkward quirky fabrics to create these wash bags. I think these bags will be a great gift for both men and women, so keep  that in mind the next time you are looking for a gift ideas.


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Hosting a shopping party is a great marketing tool aside selling online or in your own boutique its always nice to mingle with your clients in a relaxing and fun environment where you can reacquaint yourself with the thrill of an age-old-ritual: women shopping together. Which is exactly what O’eclat, Elsie Vintage and Ariaba did by collaborating to host a shopping party for their loyal customers and potential new customers, it appeared to be successful. There is always that buzz when shopping amidst other women, it gives you the opportunity to share spontaneous feedback and advice with friends, while making your selection. View the images below with the contact details of the designers just incase something caught your eye.



For the Ariaba Handbags -

For the O’Eclat clutch bags -

For Elsie Vintage -



A fusion of vibrant prints and classics designs, Native Belle Boutique presents an eclectic range of clothing and toys for children aged 2-10.  Perfect for the summer weather, Native Belle’s collection puts an emphasis on simplicity, durability and comfort. Linen tie-up dresses and tops in a blend of neutral and bright hues are prevalent in this collection, in addition to textured flare dresses, maxis with contrast trims and separates.

Our original and popular handmade patch-work Teddy-Bears are adorable as toys or for simply adding a pop of colour to your home. Limited edition prints and varied colour combinations ensure that every Teddy is unique – no two are the same, making them perfect as collectables. They are available in a range of sizes and Spring/Summer 2013 will see new shapes being introduced also.

Established in the summer of 2010, our small but well formed company has big ambitions to grow whilst maintaining a strong commitment to producing quality goods. All items are handmade in England in support of British trade and are impeccably finished.  Emily Croxford, the founder of Native Belle Boutique attended the London College of Fashion and has been designing children’s wear for over ten years. Her meticulous attention to detail and flare for working with prints and textures has fuelled her imagination to create clothing which is luxurious and unique, but most importantly, in styles that little girls want to wear.




Below are a selection of exclusive accessories by Vlisco from the Jeu De Couleurs” collection, the colours are vibrant which is what Vlisco is known for and it entails the a bold use of blue, orange, yellow and green. You will definitely standout from a crowd, if you are the fearless type. Vlisco pattern designs are improving, compared to years ago when they will design fabrics with insanely ridiculous design such as chairs, mobile phone and tables on the fabric as a pattern design, I use to ask myself why would I buy such an awful patterned fabric and where will I wear it to? But I see a major improvement with many geometric lines that are welcoming and not overbearing in this collection.  acc-01 acc-bg accessories_01a accessories_01b accessories_01c jdc-bg01 jdc-bg02

Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012

Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012

Ankara Clothing is an online fashion retailer that offers distinctive and carefully picked designs to showcase the African Culture. Ankara Clothing brings to you our new ‘Indulge Collection’ which features modern styles in bold and beautiful colours, shapes and patterns.

Ankara Clothing works closely with traders and manufacturers of different sizes to produce garments that are of a high quality. All of the Ankara Clothing’s garments are handcrafted by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses with years of expertise. We continuously look for new ways to create designs that pull inspiration from cultural themes; whilst striving to create styles that represent London’s urban chic.

As a direct result of the amount of support and demand that Ankara Clothing has received from other major businesses and retail outlets, we are also in the process of using our site to showcase the talents of other businesses and designer’s collections.

Ankara Clothing is designed with a view to bringing the elegance and flair of old African themes to a modern generation. Our vision is to give everyone a taste of Africa.

Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012

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IMG_3488 copy2

Uzo Vn is a fashion couture brand, which follows no trends born from the strong connection of heritage between the designer ‘Vivienne Nwosu’ and her motherland Nigeria. Vivienne Nwosu is a graduate of ‘The University of Arts London’ (Formerly known as the London Institute). She obtained a degree in the discipline of ‘Fashion Design Technology’.

Though born in the UK she has regularly made visits to her families country of origin, through these interactions with Nigeria and learning more and more about her heritage, she began to feel a strong reciprocity to her ancestry.

As a homage to both her life in the UK and her tether to her heritage she wanted to produce fashion which could equally balance this and compliment each other as much as it does in her own life, a celebration of the two worlds which make her who she is.

Uzo Vn clothing is a trendy and fashion forward couture brand. The clothing is sold in very limited numbers and made to order. The clothing can often look very westernised but will always be carrying signs of the traditional Nigerian asho or lace fabrics, it can appear anywhere on or in the garment.

Uzo Vn garments incorporate the elements of tradition that you would find in everyday Nigerian wear which is tying, draping, wrapping and on the occasion the garments embody functionality much like historical tribes clothing.

Vivienne Nwosu has worked under various Industry professionals such as ‘David Weston’ fashion agents and Designers such as ‘Julia Clancy’. Vivienne Nwosu has been making made to measure clothing for years and is now looking to springboard her label ‘Uzo Vn’ to making the transition to producing collections that the avid fashion lover can purchase online.

The first official collection is a hand made spring/ summer warbrobe. It is a capsule collection which captures 10 outfits for spring/summer. So it has very bold and bright colour palettes and is designed for comfort and practicality using pockets throughout the collection and lightweight fabrics. The Collection entitled ‘get up and go’ was released Friday 3rd February 2012 and is set to release accessories as well.

Vivienne Nwosu

Contact: Vivienne Nwosu

Mobile: 07850937281





Following on from my last post I shared about the gorgeous Espadrilles by Ohema Ohene as one of my Summer must haves. Today, I have my eyes set on these gorgeous swimwear by Adama Paris, I really wonder how this young lady manages to do it, with her amazing fashion shows that takes place throughout the year and managing a fashion label must be hard work, but she does not slack when it comes to creativity. This collection came in at the right time, to motivate one to shed some weight before the summer gets here, you certainly cannot rock these prints swimwear having excess body weight hanging in all the wrong places. As I have always highlighted to you all about the use of prints, one must have that creative eye to select the right fabric to avoid any unnecessary clashing as I find some of the prints too wild on the eye. The gorgeous well toned models rocking these print pieces got me so excited that I declared in my books that it is a summer must!

 Adama Ndiaye






































To Order Email:

Photo CreditL Mario Epanya


Another perfectly executed spring/summer 2012 collections from Sika Designs called Labyrinth. If you are a regular reader of Shadders you will noticed that almost all Sika’s previous collections have been featured on here. We simply adore Sika Designs brand, am not sure whether it is her consistent quality of work or her excellent business acumen that keeps us glued to her label. The Sika Designs lady is one that loves effortless and chic look, whilst dashing bold prints to brighten their wardrobe. The Labyrinth pieces includes light and airy colours mixed with carefully selected African Print fabric dresses and skirts that will make any European woman rushing to buy. Although we love everything from the range, our favourite from the Labyrinth collections is the Lab Tap shirt dress. The brand has proved that ethical fashion can be elegant and chic whilst helping with development as all production takes place in Ghana. One thing for sure about Sika Designs is that, you can rest assured and know that you have purchased something of good quality, none of those fading prints or shrinking business when washed. If you do not own a Sika Designs piece this is the best time to check them out online to grab your own!






















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Stella Jean’s “wax and Philosophy” theme for her spring/summer 2012 collection is what Shadders describes as printiful and a delight to watch. Stella has delicately styled the collections and as we all know prints screams load and busy, but for some reason her collections work. Inspired by the African culture and people, Stella Jean definitely gets a thumbs up from Shadders.

Image Credit: Stella Jean

Print Fabric Spring Earrings by lor’e-jac

Lor’e-jac presents these delightful print fabric earrings mixed with beautiful patterns and beading giving it a touch of tribal feel. The Lor’e-jac lady is unique, innovative and daring, lor’e-jac makes custom design jewelry pieces that celebrate a customer’s desire to feature a story each time she add a piece of jewelry to her wardrobe.

678 779 9168



AjePomaa Design Gallery would like to introduce their Spring/Summer 2012 collection; FEARLESS EVOLUTION. The inspiration for this collection was taken from the silhouette of the Great Gatsby from the period of the 1920s. Silhouettes then, represented a lighter and free spirited time. This new collection modernizes the fashion of the roaring twenties by adding a burst of color using color blocking and intense vibrant prints.

Fearless Evolution represents the AjePomaa Gallery woman as bold and reborn, having evolved from her past self. The use of chiffon fabric represents a light and unrestraint feel, combined with bold complex wax prints, to show an explosion of vibrant colors such as canary yellow, heather grey, apple green, bright blue and burnt orange. This represents an intense evolution. Adding soft detailing such as neck ties, knife pleats, and flowing silhouettes gave a bit of feminine panache to the collection; a contrast to the androgynous style of the Twenties era.



“Fearless Evolution” is the sixth pret-a-porter collection for ajePomaa Gallery with an affordable price range. Most of the designs come in different sizes ranging from a UK size- 6-20, to a US size- 2-16.

For more inquires email: or call +233-265-45-284

You can like our Facebook page- AjePomaa Design Gallery or Follow us on Twitter- @ajePomaaGallery


Poqua is certainly not new to us unless you are new to Shadders, we have previously feature her work here here, and here. We are very impressed to discover that she now has a shop making her beautiful embroidered pieces readily available for the fashionistas in Accra Ghana. View the images and share your thoughts below:










Shadders is crushing on edgy label Y’OH, a street wear currently stocking men’s clothing by designer Kara Messina. The brand is based in the UK, Kara is inspired by traditional African print fabric and textures. The collections come in interesting cuts and styles for men, with 100% cotton and military twill lining.  I love their unique aesthetics and their amazing attention to detail and how the blend the African prints fabric. Brands in the past have attempted menswear with African prints without much success, but for some reason I am feeling very positive about Y’OH. I am really excited for this brand and looking forward to what they have in store for us next season, would I like to see my man in Y’OH’s meanswear oh Hell yeah!



Shopping info: Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Blog

Y-OH & Kids of Grime Exhibition & after party from BrownBear Style on Vimeo.




Adama Paris presentation provided us with bold exotic print bathing suits for spring/summer 2012 with an African Inspired contemporary feel to swimwear.

As the season begins to head towards colder weather at least for us in Europe, count yourself out if you live in Africa or in an all year round hot country, Adama Paris raised a few temperatures at the Africa fashion week in South Africa as the models sashayed the runway with stunning, delightful bathing suit collections. Adama Amanda Ndiaye the promising young designer behind the label Adama Paris, brought a modern range of  fun, flirty and chic pieces which will work beautifully at during summer at beach parties, or for us with a bit more flesh we can still rock these pieces with a sarong. the contemporary modern day woman, with well tailored African prints swimwear accessorize with bold statement necklaces and earrings

Main Colours: Bright colours mixed in Ankara

Favourites: Bow mustard African print separates

Who do I see Rocking this Collection: Everyone can easily rock these pieces.


Image Credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photos


Every nation has a fashion style that has originated in its culture. African styles too are no exception and there is a wide range of them depending on culture as well as location and customs. African styles are extremely colourful and are representative of a number of cultures within the African community. This is what makes them the most sought after even in the global fashion world.

The traditional attire of the Africa world changes according to the tribes that live at various locations. However, the most common of outfits is the two-piece skirt and top that is essentially make of buck hide. Accessorizing outfits is also an important part of the African styles that are popularly seen. Beads and shells are widely used and in varying lengths and color combinations. When it comes to men and their traditional attire, an additional layer of clothing made of the hide of a powerful animal is added to the outfit. Wearing bracelets and anklets for both men and women are an important part of tradition. These African styles have found their way into modern contexts and are wonderfully integrated into the modern day fashion world.

Amongst the other traditional outfits you have the seanamarena, a ceremonial blanket of sorts worn by the South Sotho tribe. This along with a conical shaped hat completed the outfit. Extremes fashion statements have been made by the Scottish skirts of the Venda tribe or the copper wires wound around the neck of women in the Ndebeles tribe.

17 year old Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, Chika Iwenofu launches her Spring/Summer’12 Collection

From the 16th-18th September 2011, young Londoner, Chika Iwenofu will be showcasing her latest collection under her design label Chika Couture as part of the annual African Music Festival held at the Front Room of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre.  The Fashion show will take place over the three days at 6:30pm and entry to the event is free.

The Chika Couture debut collection was showcased in February 2011, during London Fashion Week at the Fashion’s Finest Renaissance show which was held at the Thistle Hotel, Victoria and Chika has since been nominated for the prestigious Fashion’s Finest ‘Best Graduate Designer of the Year Award’.

Chika Couture was founded in 2009 by fashion forward student Chika Iwenofu who was 16 at the time. Fascinated by the creative thought processes involved in world of fashion design and known for her immaculate eye for precision and cut, Chika decided to take her future into her own hands and start up her very own clothing line, drawing inspiration from her African heritage as a young Nigerian.

Chika Couture offers an eclectic range of garments, eloquently blending traditional African fabrics with more western silhouettes, creating garments which are not only unique but contemporary. Focus is implemented on the bold iconic prints featured on the traditional “Ankara” fabrics which are vibrant and colourful, yet powerful and chic, encouraging young, fashion forward individuals to embrace culture and diversity in a revolutionarily fashionable way- Breaking the barriers of social and cultural divides.

The S/S12 collection will be available to purchase on the Chika Couture online store which is set to be launched this December.

AnkaraClothing.Com An Online African Fashion Shop For All Things Stylish

Ankara Clothing is the new online fashion store for African inspired designs; this is beyond the tribal trend that these current celebrities can’t seem to get enough of. Ankara Clothing brings to you modern styles in bold, beautiful and beaming collections of colours, shapes and patterns.

The website was launched on 6th August 2011 at 9.00 am; men and women are now able to browse and purchase these distinctive designs, which range from playsuits to high-waisted skirts for women and shirts and ties for men.

What is Ankara?

Ankara fabric is mainly made of 100% cotton that uses wax block prints. These prints boast vibrant and striking patterns and colours. Their versatility allows for many to customise to their unique preference, which allows such styles to be showcased at populated occasions, such as parties or more casual settings.

What is the service?

There are two main areas to the service; first, Ankara Clothing sells Ankara outfits for both men and women. The idea is to make Ankara designs wearable for all. Where the material embodies such a flamboyant personality, it is understood that although all will appreciate its beauty, not all will be familiar or confident to wear such bold statements. However, Ankara Clothing has brought to all styles worn and loved by many, celebrities and everyday people. So, with modern cuts and infused elements of fashionable sense, together delivered in Ankara material, equals a new high street fashion craze.

The second service appeals to more creative individuals, who believe that their creativity is unlikely to be captured and rather customise things to their fashion preference. Ankara clothing also sells Ankara fabrics; this simply means that an individual can buy patterns and colours that interest them and go off and customise their own designs.

Prices range from £15 – £120 and have been described as “allowing anyone and everyone to have a feel of Africa. We make it our priority to deliver affordable items; we want everyone to have a catwalk moment.” said Ankara Clothing CEO Michael Akinmade.

Ankara Clothing is based in London and delivers worldwide. For more information visit the website at

Contact: Tina Megwara

Phone: 07960072862


Ankara Clothing

PO BOX 53871


SE27 7BH

Fair Trade Africa: Semi Annual Sale @ One Mango Tree

We Love sales, sales and more sales! One Mango Tree has been kind enough to slash their prices for their semi annual sale, offering low prices with the cheapest item as low as $4.50, am sure there is something you can afford. As you already know buying fair trade African goods only helps with the economy and the talented people behind the designs. S0 Happy shopping!

Shop Here:

Oco Bags – Artistry. Allure. Africa

OCO BAGS combine beautiful African Ankara fabrics with modern materials to create distinctive handbags. All of their products are custom made. OCO bags array of products are constantly changing and evolving. Many of their styles will not repeated. OCO BAGS brings affordable, custom made, top quality handbags to the world. It takes a traditional material, reshapes it and reinvents its usages.

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African Fabric: Should African Designers Print Their Own fabrics?

For centuries wax prints have remained highly desired fabric that have become an integral part of the vibrant culture of West African and more recently designers around the whole world are seen embracing it. African wax prints fabric holds a special meaning in the hearts of African’s because they each tell a story to the wearer. It is even more creatively interesting to find the same fabric used in different ways by different designers. The fabric used for the Out Of Afrika kaleidoscope bag and below are Sika Designs Matric Cape and Mac Jacket bares resemblance if not the same. I know there are some classic African prints pattern fabrics that has been worn for many years and continues to be reproduced, Should designers print their own fabric to make their brand unique or stick to reproducing old patterns?

Out of Africa Bag Shop here

Sika designs By Phylis Taylor

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North Face Presents African Prints for their Summer 2011 Purple Label collection

The north face purple label has embraced the Ethnic style by adding (Khanga) African print fabrics to their latest collections. North Face is known for their warm colours and winter jackets, which makes this collection quiet shocking to see. View the collections which consist of ponchos, skirts and vest Parkas, The collection can be purchased here Nanamica

African Fashion designer Uchechi Chidinma Ilodianya Launches ZALI

Uchechi Chidinma Ilodianya of ZALI debuts new lookbook, a mixture of  casual and semi formal pieces incorporated with beautiful vibrant African print fabrics. The lookbook pulls off an effortless tribal inspired style for modern women who love simplicity. Most of their designs are cotton fabrics adorned with ankara material while the bags are mostly leather bags, with ankara on the outside and inside. Finally not forgetting the amazing model Chika Emmanuel she is so cute, well done!

See the whole collection on their Facebook Page or Website

Photography: Moussa Moussa
Styling: Ezinne Chinkata
Make-up: Banke Meshida-Lawal
Model: Chika Emmanuella for Elite Models

Mirembe collections: Bringing You Peace With Every Piece

Mirembe collections is a fusion of the very rich and unique East African cultures bringing you effortless glamour. Highly influenced by the current fashion trends to make it easily accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. Timeless, unique, Mirembe collections brings you peace with every piece.

Facebook: Mirembe Collections

Twitter: @mimzmirembe


Image Credit: David Houghton

What do you think about Mirembe Collections?


The latest collection by Aamaa Couture is called ‘AAMAAzonian’. It takes alot of influence from the Roman empire, a period where notable queens of the Amazons are Penthesila, who participated in the Trojan war. Stories abound about different Amazon queens who displayed great valor in battle. Nyabinghi, better known as “the hidden queen” defeated the English and rescued her people from a life of abject slavery. Yaa Asantewa, an Ashanti queen of Ghana typified the spirit of the woman of the Amazon when she said “If you the men of Ashanti will not go forward, then we will. We the women will. I shall call upon you my fellow women”.

Aamaa Couture’s collection includes soft pieces such as the playsuit and trinket dress, then you have stronger pieces like the ‘gladiator dress’, and the hooded jacket and matching skirt which emphasise the strength of a woman. AAMAA Couture is about globalisation and we strongly believe in the empowerment of women so I draw my influences from things around the world that inspire me as a woman. As always, the African part of me is heavily portrayed in the use on the African cotton wax prints, as well as other materials. Each piece is named after women who have inspired me on my way or another in my journey.

Makeup artist:
Make up and Hair stylist: Liivie Live
Models: Kabhi, Christina and Ayo

SHOP HERE, Connect with Aamaa Couture Here


I first learnt about Nigerian fashion designer Bisola Edun of Taé back in 2008 and ever since discovering her work she has never disappointed with her designs and I am really impressed by tae`s new collections. Her Emotan’s range is what I call the “Lady that knows her style”. Taé has carefully hand beaded her fabrics with intricate and unique jewellery embellished  with sophistication, the collection consist of  dresses, frilly skirts, loose tops, jackets and may more. Taé has been in the industry for a while and i respect her so much for her consistent update of fresh design and styling. Love the quality of her images, the overall styling, the shoot locations,  stunning models and lastly the garments.

You can pop by to their flagship store at 15b Oduduwa way, off Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja (beside La Cachette). Kindly call 08033080392, 07063883454 & 08025032580 for enquiries and prices or email

Join their facebook Here

Image Source

What do you think of Tae’s Emotan Collections?


B U B U S H II K Y™ is a design project that specialises in customising footwear and accessories. It was launched in 2008 and since then has expanded successfully.Through limited one-off pieces, B U B U S H II K Y™ celebrates a new and exciting fusion of tradition and modern culture in today’s world. For placing orders and press enquiries contact Emily (Topnotch) Osei- Blavo on here (Facebook) or email, check out their website Here


Crushing on these new pillow cases by SisterBatik, with bright, bold and vibrant prints, the exuberance of batik prints adds a touch of character and warmth to any living space. SisterBatik uses genuine Dutch wax print and batiks, which are considered to be the best quality, they add a touch of embroidery details of French knots and colourful Sailor stitching.

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Following on from my previous post where I looked at the Sapeurs of Bacongo, I am now taking a step back on the streets of Brazzaville where we were printified to say the least. Congo brazzavillians as most other Africans love African prints fabrics, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people wearing their prints in traditional styles. I was a little disappointed that we were not allowed to take pictures at some locations, but hey we manage to sneak and snap few pictures of people in prints. I would also would have loved to find out what the younger people trends was like in Congo as these images were mostly older people.


Alikoto clothing is about wearability and style, her current collection is about confidence and african creativity as a whole. This collection is targeted for individuals who would like to stand out whilst looking chiq and effortless. A combination of wax print, ankara, kente, cotton, silk, chiffon, satin and velvet to create unique and authentic designs for those who want to bring definition to their wardrobe. With modern pieces infused with traditional African elements. – Alikoto brings you nothing but quality without compromising style and uniqueness.

[Gallery not found]

Designers Info:

Email –

Tel: +233-269-138-021

Become a Fan and be updated regularly Here


Alikoto clothing is about wearability and style, her current collection is about confidence and african creativity as a whole. This collection is targeted for individuals who would like to stand out whilst looking chiq and effortless. A combination of wax print, ankara, kente, cotton, silk, chiffon, satin and velvet to create unique and authentic designs for those who want to bring definition to their wardrobe. With modern pieces infused with traditional African elements. – Alikoto brings you nothing but quality without compromising style and uniqueness.

[Gallery not found]

Designers Info:

Email –

Tel: +233-269-138-021

Become a Fan and be updated regularly Here

Inspired By Africa – AYJAHTAL 2011 JENDAYI Collection Takes Us To Ultra Modern “Garden Of Eden”

AYJAHTAL 2011 editorial shoot is what I call the ultra modern Garden of Eden, my eyes were popping out when this was sent to me. The designer has gone great lengths to bring us the best detailed hand crafted jewellery inspired by Africa. AYJAHTAL jewellery gives a look of  elegance of an African queen, while remaining fierce and sophisticated.  The Jewellery is simply breathtaking  with originality, authenticity and beauty, the creations of AYJAHTAL are made of textile materials such wax, damask, and natural materials (seeds, wood, pearls, crystal, bronze …). According to AYJAHTAL the jewels were designed to compliment both African and Western clothing.
For online purchases:
To visit the official website:
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Photo Credit: Malone Rayjones

Shadders Pick Of The Day – CHRISTIE BROWN @ MYASHO.COM

Shadders pick of the day is this  figure hugging Gold Pencil Skirt by CHRISTIE BROWN GHANA. The Gorgeous gold silk pencil skirt is made from 100% raw silk. This beautifully coloured pencil skirt by Christie Brown Ghana was debuted at Africa Fashion Week 2010. Team with elegant heels and a top in bright colours as pictured. Shop Here


Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno’s designs were soo refreshing and vibrant to watch at the London fashion week. The colours in Gloria Wavamunno 2011 collection were strong and attractive. The palette was diverse enough: from trendy African prints to blue and classic black, shades of Mustard and chic white Tshirt. The collaboration of prints and well tailored jackets made the collection livelier and more vibrant. This is definitely Classic African print with a western twist we love love love xoxox

Images via Lagenevanorthevents

AFRICAN Wax Print Inspired Dinnerware

Just had this sent to me today, love the wax print plate inspired by African wax print fabric design. These bold and bright prints plates will be perfect for picnics in the summer. The plates captures the magic Africa with a burst of colour and exotic patterns.

To order your prints plates check Here

SCHEFO – Made in Ghana

Through community based initiatives, The SCHEF Organization seeks to provide Shelter, Clothing, Health care, Education, and Food to the communities within Buduburam Refugee Camp. All clothing and accessories are handmade by women on the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana from Ghanaian fabrics. 100% of the proceeds goes towards helping single mothers and children on the camp.

Shop and support a good cause Here


Avant Apparel debuted their collection at Johannesburg Fashion Week 2011 at the Bus Factory in New Town. LISOF graduate Lauren du Plessis and Bailey Alison are the talented duo behind AVANT apparel. Their colour palette was a range of soft nudes and pinks contrasted with stark black. Some of the Key looks includes a long-sleeve; figure-hugging mesh mini with cut-out detail, a black plunge neck draped jumpsuit as well as a cropped jacket.

[Gallery not found]



African Fashion Style: Shadders Pick Of The Day – By Boutique

Shadders African fashion style pick of the day can be purchased at a new ready to wear online boutique shop. Check it our from here


Designers taking part in JFW include:

The best in fashion design will take part in Joburg Fashion Week. Four fashion
shows will also feature designers from the University of Johannesburg, the London
International School of Fashion, Tshwane University of Technology, Spero Villioti
and Sew Africa.
Participating graduate designers include: Kutloano Molokomme, Minette Meyer, Nadine Holloway, Melita Ngoasheng, Lebogang Moatshe, Sunette Scheepers, Jessica Sutherland, Pride Nkosi, Laura Kass, Nkulueko Msibi, Phumzile Langa, Anja Bredell, Nkosi Nkala, Chantelle Nascimento, Sello Medupe and Portia Moruthane.

Fashion Kapitol
In line with the new direction, fashion week has been extended to four days, with three shows a night. First up will be a graduate day, held at the Fashion Kapitol, which will be officially launched at the time. The entire day will be dedicated to “fast forwarding / tracking” design students’ careers through mentorships and knowledge exchange.

Foschini, the fashion chain, is also sponsoring the week. Leisegang said: “We are excited about our new partnership with Foschini. Our aim is to entertain, educate and inform, with the long-term objective of improving the pool of new designers in South Africa.”

The Fashion Kapitol, in the fashion district, features Joburg’s first public outdoor fashion ramp. It also has 30 shops, offices, studios, a restaurant, a small square, an amphitheatre and an arcade linking Pritchard and Market streets.

Other venues to be used during JFW include Randlords, the rooftop bar and lounge that has an awe-inspiring 360° view of the city; the Bus Factory, an old Newtown warehouse with its tall interior previously used to cater for double-decker buses that is now the JDA’s office space; the Rand Club, which is almost as old as Joburg, founded in 1887 and fully refurbished in 2005; the Johannesburg Art Gallery, which holds some of the most prized works in the world; and the Nelson Mandela Bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge in the country, linking Braamfontein to Newtown.

Wishing the South Africans well I trust they will put on a great show x

Esperanza Spalding In SUNO Printed Jacket – CUTE OR CLUTTER

The 26-year-old jazz bassist and singer bounded into the spotlight at theGrammys Sunday night when she beat out Justin Bieber to win the best new artist award. Spotted Esperanza Spalding in SUNO printed jacket at the Grammy Award. I think she looks cute and lovely better than when I spotted the jacket on Heidi Klum here. What do you all think?

Jacket can be purchased here!!

Image Credit: CocoandCreme

Focus Nigeria Designer Collective To Show Exotic Luxury Creations At Couture Fashion Week New York

Focus Nigeria, a collective of top Nigerian fashion designers, will present their latest collections at Couture Fashion Week at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday February 20, 2011. The Berrys Couture, House of Farrah and Reedas labels will make their USA debut at the prestigious event, while House of Jola will be returning for the third time. The fashion show will be held in the iconic Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue, New York City.

House of Jola Fashion Show at Couture Fashion Week New YorkThe Focus Nigeria designers are all highly regarded and well-known in their native country. Advance promotion for the group’s participation in the New York event has generated a media buzz in Nigeria. Joan Okorodudu, the organizer of the collective and a successful business woman and accomplished designer, is the driving force behind the project having worked with these designers and many more on important fashion projects in Nigeria.

Ms. Okorodudu’s own fashion label, House of Jola, has participated in numerous fashion events including South Africa Fashion Week, Nigeria Fashion Week and Washington D.C. Fashion Week as well as Couture Fashion Week in New York. House of Jola is just one of the enterprises overseen by this dynamic entrepreneur. Ms. Okorodudu has become an African fashion icon and has been interviewed by top international media such as Reuters, Associated Press and Der Spiegel, one of Europe’s largest publications. She is the founder of Lagos Ageless Clinique as well as the popular TV show Nigeria’s Next Supermodel which has launched the careers of many successful models. Models from Ms. Okorodudu’s highly successful Isis Modeling Agency (Lagos/Johannesburg) have graced top runways from Johannesburg to Paris, from Sanlam to NewHouse of Farrah Fashion Show at Couture Fashion Week New York York. Ms. Okorodudu is also the CEO of International Business Consortium Nigeria Ltd.

House of Farrah is a luxury fashion and lifestyle company specializing in the production of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and bespoke tailoring. All pieces are handcrafted using the finest fabrics and materials sourced from all over the world. With a spirit of innovation and creativity, the label utilizes the best international  practices in garment making, producing limited quantities of an eclectic range of garments appealing to a broad range of tastes. House of Farrah opened its flagship boutique in the Silverbird Entertainment Centre in Abuja in 2009. CEO and Creative Director Fatima Aliyu Garba brings inspiration from her extensive international travels and her decade’s sojourn abroad into her design process. She  experiments  with fabrics from around the world and creates exclusive, luxurious and inimitable designs that complement the lifestyles of the company’s many clients. A former lawyer and IT consultant, Ms. Garba now pursues her lifelong dream and passion for fashion. A law graduate of Brunel University, Ms. Garba is a Reedas fashion show at Couture Fashion Week New Yorkmember of the Nigerian Bar and also holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Reedas is a fashion and lifestyle brand that takes pride in designing stylish, timeless, classy and sophisticated outfits that are both functional and comfortable. Great care is taken to ensure that all garments are made to perfection with a focus on quality, style and client satisfaction. Limited edition pieces are created to suit a diverse fashion-conscious clientele who enjoy re-inventing and re-interpreting trends that speak to them while having fun with their personal style. Rukkayah Suleiman-Mohammed, the creative force behind the Reedas label, worked for almost a decade in the banking industry before following her dream of being a fashion designer. One of Nigeria’s brightest up-and-coming designers, Ms. Suleiman-Mohammed is the daughter of a prominent diplomat. HerBerrys Couture fashion show at Couture Fashion Week New Yorkchildhood experiences attending state dinners and gala balls with an international array of guests helped develop her taste for fine fashion and luxury. The hallmarks of the Reedas label are rich fabrics and mastery of the tapestry.

Launched in 2007, Berrys Couture is headed by Hadiza Yakubu, a hardworking and focused entrepreneur with a love of fashion. The label’s focus is on practically casual, glamorous and dressy clothing with a touch of the exotic and great attention to detail. The distinctive designs appeal to a wide spectrum of men and women.

Couture Fashion Week is a multi-day event showcasing couture and luxury fashion. It also includes exhibits of luxury brands and fine art as well as world-class entertainment and receptions. The event is held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and occasionally in other selected cities and is attended by upscale consumers, invited VIPs, the press and high-end store buyers. Couture Fashion Week offers unique branding opportunities for luxury products and services.

Visit the event website for more information:

African Fashion Style: Shadders Pick Of The Day – By AAMAA COUTURE

Shadders African Fashion Style Pick of the day is this cute dress by  Aamaa Couture, the dress looks so pretty and chic with bold African prints . When you purchase anything from Aamaa Couture you can rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best. The designer sourced these beautiful fabric cotton wax prints, directly from Ghana, West Africa. I Love it and I hope you do too? You can purchase this lovely dress from Here and Here. You can also meet her at the Africa Fashion Week New York – 14th – 16thJuly 2011

Image Credit: Aamaa Couture

New York Fashion Week: SUNO Fall/Winter 2011 Presentation

Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty of SUNO presented their AW 2011 collections during the New York Fashion Week 2011. The collection was terrific, loving the line’s colourful fabrics and textures great for mismatching, the attention to detail and eclectic combo of soft and feminine silhouettes with tough and edgy tailoring was a classic theme through out.  The collections included lots of soft prints, meshed with vintage looking silhouettes with real sophistication and polish. Found an ease with SUNO’s collections and styling which other luxe brands should take note. As you can with their AW collections, effortlessness should never be a seasonal trend.

Image Source

African Fashion Style: Shadders Pick Of The Day – By ITUEN BASI

This Ankara dress is by Ituen Basi and Shadders has chosen this Utibe print piece as our African Fashion Style Pick of the day. Ituen Basi’s designs are just classic, known for working magic with Ankara fabrics on the runway. Love the detailed work and intricate fringe on the front of the dress… can purchase this lovely dress from MYASHO.COM

Image Credit: MyAsho

Tiffany Amber Spring/Summer 2011 – “Raw Glamour”

# TIFFANY AMBER- African Fashion designer Folake Folarin-Coker launched Tiffany Amber in Nigeria, every collection shows the designer’s love for luxurious fabric and intricate embellishment from all over the world whilst at the same time instilling her African heritage to produce timeless, feminine and effortlessly stylish pieces. Tiffany Amber is an international award winning label, she has taken part in some of the best fashion shows in the world including Arise Africa Fashion week – South Africa.

#The LOOK - Feminine, Elegant, Luxe with a twist of quirk and cuteness.

#Designer’s Statement - Think Breakfast in Capri, Lunch in St Tropez and dance the night away in the heydays of studio 54 and you have Raw Glamour, a collection inspired by the allure of the 70′s style icons who’s elegance has been present in many of the Tiffany Amber Collections. ‘This season, I had an image of a Glamorous and exotic Tiffany Amber woman who loves to provoke and seduce with cheeky opulence – I used aqua, spring green, daffodil, white, and iris for a sophisticated and confident elegance’. Suiting softened with  a long and oversized boyfriend Jacket, fluid trousers, silk shirts and our classic flowry dresses come together to help you navigate the summer fashion landscape”.

#Design Concept & Direction - Tiffany Amber’s Spring/Summer Collection lookbook 2011“Raw Glamour” boast the designer’s trademark of using silk, chiffon and haute styling skills. In anticipation of warmer weather to come, Tiffany Amber has a selection of gorgeous maxi dresses, luxurious silk and lace draped silhouette dresses. We are loving the high waist trousers, as it has a 70′s look/feel to it, which will work well during the summer months. Check out the complete lookbook below:

Thanks Bella Naija

Emua Fashion Accessories Available Online

More and more African fashion designs are now making it possible for us to purchase African products online and the newest designer to join the movement is Cynthia Kio of Emua Fashion….Read more about her here

Shop online here

Nigerian Designer AKPOS OKUDU Reveals SS 2011 Collections “The Cocktail Hour” For The Indoor Girl

Akopos Okudu designs are about clothes women LOVE to wear, WANT to wear and CAN wear. This collection was inspired by everything from the designer’s cocktails, to the colourful lorry’s she sees all around port Harcourt (where she lives) to even the colours of her rusty generator.

The 2011 spring summer cocktail hour collections, is a mix of vibrant colours, and textures, which has been combined to create clothes that are fun, feminine and chic. In this collection, Okpos Okudu decided to try their hands at something different, so they decided to shoot two look books. The two part lookbooks had one shoot dedicated for the out-Dorsey girl and one for the girl who will rather sit in a pretty bar and have a cocktail.

Photography- Victor udoh
Photo Editing-Owhonda Nwokekoro
models-Faith Ogei,Ivy Okoronkwo,Dora Alieze
make up-Grace Duke
styling-Akpos Okudu
shoot location-Novotel Port Harcourt.

For orders and inquiry visit
call 08076256599

African Fashion Style: Shadders Pick Of The Day – By BUSAYO

Shadders African Fashion Style Pick of the day is by Designer BUSAYO -This pleated hand-dyed red batik skirt by Busayo is a fireworks display come to life, Simply gorgeous and easy to wear and combined with other wardrobe essentials. Colours are not too overwhelming, loving it……to purchase click here!!!

New Collections By Back2Eden Designs

Back2eden Design is one of our favourites and recommended online shop that must be bookmarked, check it out for trendy Ankara fabric styles and unique designs.

Afro Vintage Style – NTALE’S GROOVE Photoshoot

Laid-back teamed up with 16 Stoned Vintage for a vintage African themed photo shoot titled NTALE’S GROOVE. The ladies used clothing and accessories from their vintage collection to create a unique take on traditional West African style. I enjoyed staring at these images all day, loved the turbans and overall style.

Sonya Freeman: Model, Styling & Owner of 16 Stone Vintage
Bilen Gaga: Model & Muse for 16 Stone Vintage
Elaine Hynds: Photography
Karen Swaby: Make Up
Mike Mc Kenzie: Styling

My African Valentine – Interior Designs By Ethniciti

How I dream of a house full of African inspired designs, a house that reminds me of Africa. If jewellery and fashion is not your thing then perhaps giving your home a makeover with a touch of Africa this valentine is the way to go. Ethniciti offers a new way of thinking – a feeling of African-inspired eclecticism. At the heart of their philosophy is the fusion of world styles deeply referenced to the African culture. Their creative use of interior design and accessorizing concepts allows Ethniciti to develop personal spaces that reflect their clients’ individual attitudes and styles.

The ETHNICITI approach is an experience which encourages clients to express themselves through their personal spaces. Following Ethniciti’s simple, value-added process, they achieve the highest level of satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

Check out ETHNICITI Here

Image Courtesy : Ethniciti

Sneak Peek Of FELIX ANAMAN’S 2011 Collections

Felix Anaman a graduate from Vogue style School of Fashion Design Ghana has been designing for some years now. Felix had his business launched two years ago, and has been doing really well since, this just is a sneak peek of some of his latest collections.

To contact Felix Anaman click here or here

Call us on +233244883916 or send an email to

Korto Momolu Covers APINKE Magazine

Another new magazine I spotted this morning, I love the fact that since last year there are more African magazines coming out. Apinke Magazine was born out of the passion of the Editor, Veronica Oladeji. Understanding that Africans are attracted to events, fashion and money, she resolved to create a magazine with fine balance highlighting African successes and achievements while providing information and showcasing events and more. Believing that Knowledge is power, this magazine and its avid administrators aim to present readers with African experiences and a wealth of knowledge that will empower and entertain. Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it? To celebrate one year of publication, Korto Momolu talks to Apinke about fashion and business. Grab your copy now

Apinke  magazine would want to hear your voice, your interests and what you would like to see in their future editions. For more information or to contact a member of the team, please call 1-877-436-3980 or send an email to OR

AFRICAN FASHION & Beauty Show Dubai 2011

Event Profile

African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 is one of the leading events focused on African fashion and beauty industry in the gulf region. The fair will showcase African fashion designers & beauticians from Africa & abroad, and bring together textile manufacturers, fashion designers, and fashion houses, cosmetic manufacturers and exporter-importers from all around the world with a view to create market link between designers, fashion houses, and fabric producers. African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 aims to promote African fashion in Dubai and introduce African fashion and beauty products to this market and also to open trading opportunities for African designers in this region.

Visitor Profile

The targeted visitors at African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 are:

Exhibitor Profile

The targeted exhibitors at African Fashion Beauty & Art Week Dubai 2011 are from following fields:

Start Date: 02/03/2011

End Date: 05/03/2011

Venue : Dhow Palace Hotel

City : Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Category: Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Lifestyle

Titlas Inc

AFRICAN FASHION & Beauty Show Dubai 2011

Event Profile

African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 is one of the leading events focused on African fashion and beauty industry in the gulf region. The fair will showcase African fashion designers & beauticians from Africa & abroad, and bring together textile manufacturers, fashion designers, and fashion houses, cosmetic manufacturers and exporter-importers from all around the world with a view to create market link between designers, fashion houses, and fabric producers. African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 aims to promote African fashion in Dubai and introduce African fashion and beauty products to this market and also to open trading opportunities for African designers in this region.

Visitor Profile

The targeted visitors at African Fashion & Beauty Show Dubai 2011 are:

Exhibitor Profile

The targeted exhibitors at African Fashion Beauty & Art Week Dubai 2011 are from following fields:

Start Date: 02/03/2011

End Date: 05/03/2011

Venue : Dhow Palace Hotel

City : Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Category: Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Lifestyle

Titlas Inc

Fashions Finest Renaissance Show

The first ever Fashions Finest Renaissance Fashion Show took place on the 16th January at the beautiful and luxurious Jewel Covent Garden.

It was a very intimate, fashion affair hosted by the beautiful Natalie Murden and featured five hot designers, AAMAA  Couture, Bobafrique, Tina Lobondi, Me Clothing & Kamondi Couture. FFR is not just about discovering and promoting new fashion talent, it is also about entertaining our guests on the night. It was a pleasure to have Lolade Bhadmus former X Factor contestant perform and woo the guests with his sultry voice and to add something different to the night Dele Osunsami, performed two of his own poems definitely a young man with a unique talent.

Fashions Finest Renaissance shows are aimed at brand new or emerging designers as well as established designers that want to use these shows as a platform to either launch themselves or a brand new collection that they have. The shows will be held every 2 weeks or monthly at classy West End venues.

The aim of the shows is to give designers the opportunity to showcase their collections in an affordable and very classy way, in a fantastic venue with professional models. We are aware that so many designers cannot afford the elaborate costs of doing their own launch or participate in some of the big shows such as London Fashion Week etc not to mention that if they are new or up and coming, most designers would not meet the criteria to be involved in such shows. Fashions Finest Renaissance aims to redress this imbalance by giving all types of designers from all backgrounds and ethnicities the opportunity to have their own launch organised by a professional fashion company that would also absorb the costs of their launch.

The fashion evenings are open to all designers of all genres from urban to swimwear, to couture, whatever type of clothes or accessories they do designers may participate in these shows.

Confirmed Show Dates:

Fashions Finest Renaissance is organised by Fashions Finest

FFR is produced and choreographed by Mahogany Events.

Tickets are priced at £10 per person and can be purchased at: or by calling 07971 388687.

For the shows of the 30 January there is a guest list, to be on the guest list email full names to:

For press enquiries, photography or if you would be interested in participating or for further information please contact: Tel:  0845 388 7249 / 07525 148 327.

Photo credit: iDeLiK Media

Yaa Ataa Bags Sale "Blink and its Gone"

HURRY and get your hands on a Yaa Ataa Bag! This Seasons Must-Have is the ‘LIZZY’ Clutch Bag, only ONE left! It’s waiting to bring your wardrobe a new leash of life!

Check here

Yaa Ataa Bags Sale “Blink and its Gone”

HURRY and get your hands on a Yaa Ataa Bag! This Seasons Must-Have is the ‘LIZZY’ Clutch Bag, only ONE left! It’s waiting to bring your wardrobe a new leash of life!

Check here

Anika Noni Rose In Deola Sagoe Dress At The BET Awards – Cute or Clutter?

Just came across Anika Noni Rose in Deola  Sagoe’s dress from that1960chick, found this dress very ruffly what do you all think cute or clutter?

African Accessories Designer mSimps

Fashion accessories makes a lot of difference to any outfit, having the right fashion accessories can transform your look immediately and mSimps an upcoming fashion accessories designer aims to help us achieve this. mSimps­ makes beautiful Ladies hand Bags, Hair and Dress Brooches using  local African print fabric to accentuate a woman’s beauty. The designer also makes footwear and other accessories but these broaches caught my eyes. mSimps website is on the way soon which will allow us to peruse and buy her beautiful collections, the brand is for fashionistas who love to express their  individuality in fashion. All products are designed by Mabel Simpson with carefully hand-picked African fabrics. You can own a piece of msimps accessories by clicking here

For more info email us on or via Facebook here

Image Courtesy: mSimpson

Menswear By Mina Evans

Shadders tends to not have much to publish for our lovely men, so here we go a nice selection by Mina Evans menswear range. Again I love the work done here, not overwhelming, love the colour mix with the African prints. Valentine is around the corner some ideas for us to treat the lovely men in our lives.

You can contact MINA EVANS Here


African Fashion Designer Mina Evans Launches in Ghana

Fashion designer Mina Evans Launched her label in December 2010 in Accra Ghana. Mina Evans has been on my radar for a while now and i am pleased about her launch and latest collections. I love the fact that Mina is doing her own thing and elegantly incorporating touches of African prints in her designs which very few designers have perfected the art of doing so. Shadders favourite is the yellow dress with black embellishment, this dress will brighten any dull wardrobe Thumbs up Mina!! View the collections below and share your review with use.

I must have this dress…..

You can contact MINA EVANS Here


The Evolution Of African Fashion Design

Legend has it that man found a way of clothing himself with leaves when he first realized he needed to. That could be considered the first fashion design attempt known to man. Over the years, every country has managed to take its traditional attire and make completely new fashion statements out of them. African fashion design also joined the ranks of international fashion houses years ago.

When it comes to African fashion design, many of the designs have evolved from the weather of the country. People had to remain comfortable and materials were selected based on the harshness of the climate. This lead to the use of several kinds of materials that may not have been used in mainstream designing. Keeping these materials and designs alive has been the work of several members of the African fashion design industry.

African fashion design originally began with a lot of animal hides and fur. All of this is a necessary part of one’s attire and cultural background. However, with time, these evolved into internationally accepted and sought after designs. Today the response to an African fashion show is tremendous. Among the kinds of fibre used for clothing is raffia palm, jute, flax and silk. Natural dyes from vegetables and minerals are used to create the unique hues of colour.

African fashion design incorporates the use of ceremonial attire such as Ashanti Kente cloth and Ankara etc. Some of the great names in the African design world are Seidnaly Alphadi (the child of the desert) and Sara Abera from Ethiopia. Oumou Sy too has made a name in the ready-to-wear line of clothing and fashion accessories and more recently Deola Sagoe, Jewel by Lisa, David Thale and many many more designers.

Image Courtesy: Vlisco

African Fashion Boutique – BERRYS COUTURE

This morning I received an email from one of my readers Leanne who informed me of a very Talented designer in Abuja Nigeria. I checked out her work and first impression was woow, yes we hear off designers who uses names like COUTURE but produces same items in bulk. Berrys COUTURE understands the meaning and makes sure when you enter her boutique you will find individual designs made and not to be found anywhere. Berrys COUTURE is a fashion clothes store located in Abuja Nigeria, it was established 2 years ago by Hadiza Yakubu-a hardworking and focused entrepreneur whose passion is mainly fashion, Berrys COUTURE is set to design practically casual, glamorous dressy clothing for men and women of all ages and sizes. Their personal touch and brand signature is what differentiates us from our contemporaries. Berrys COUTURE believes that attention to detail while incorporating the customers unique form/stature is essential in getting it right.

Love the detailed work done here

Another nice dress with great detailing……Christian louboutin shoes

This year Shadders promises to bring you all the best of African designs, so what do think of Berrys COUTURE? If you know of any talented designer from African kindly drop us a message

Image courtesy – BERRYS COUTURE

FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

4, Kumasi Crescent Wuse II

Abuja, Nigeria, Africa.

+234807 517 7766, +234803 5988931

Reasons To Enjoy African Fashion Week

African fashion week is growing in popularity, and is becoming much anticipated time for new and older designers alike. During African fashion week, designers are able to showcase their latest African designs each year.  Although most people know fashion week as an event that occurs twice a year in New York, London, Milan and Paris, in that order; African fashion weeks take place in South African and many other countries.

Typically, the autumn and Winter African fashion week shows are scheduled for January through April or September through November.  During these shows, the African fashions for spring and summer are revealed and displayed.  This gives the fashion industry a sufficient amount of time to anticipate trends for the next buying season.

The major events of any African fashion week are strictly limited.  Most events are by invitation only, and these invitations are coveted by many.  New African fashion designers are eager to attend African fashion week, since they give up and coming designers a chance to show their work to well-known designers and models.  A new designer can receive their first big break when a black model chooses to wear their designs.

African fashion week can also help the average consumer.  Fashion weeks give consumers a few extra months to begin shopping for the next season, often giving them an opportunity to purchase items at discounted, off-season, rates.  Also, getting items before they become popular will help buyers avoid higher prices and shortages.

Staying current with the days and locations of an African fashion week will help new designers and consumers can lead to new careers and affordable high fashion.  If you are someone who is interested in fashion, consider attending a show during an African fashion week. African fashion week creates a unique opportunity for individuals to learn more about African fashion and culture.

Okay ladies take your diaries out these are the dates for upcoming African Fashion week Events 2011

Johannesburg Fashion week – South Africa – 15th – 19th February  2011

Arise African Fashion week – Lagos Nigeria – 10th -13th March 2011

Africa Fashion week New York -  New York   – 14 – 16th July 2011

Africa Fashion week London – London – 22nd – 23rd July 2011

If you are having An African Fashion show, get in touch with Shadders

African Fashion Design

African fashion design is stunning and unique. You can find plenty of African fashion dresses online that are completely traditional yet have a touch of something modern. You can find many fashion boutiques online that sell African lace material, accessories, and African fashions such as Agbada, Dashiki, African print wear, Boubou, Caftans, Damask and Mudcloth apparel.

These types of outfits are becoming popular among the fashion conscious and come highly rated amongst the latest in African fashion design. Plenty of shops sell unique and rare African fashion dresses and accessories. Some of the finest African fashion design stores sell masterpieces and trinkets for men, women and children.

African fashion design is unique. Such apparel is noted for its superior quality and vibrant hues. Outstanding designers also make African fashion dresses according to customer’s specifications. Some of the handcrafted creations include African print attire, dashikis and tie and dye. The designers take care to preserve the distinct quality and nature of the original traditional African designs.

Some retailers offer mass produced African clothes at affordable rates. You can find authentic African fashion dresses online. You can shop for African clothes at affordable rates in many regular and online stores. Some of these African fashion designers are based in Africa and turn out incredible outfits from places such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon and all over Africa. Hence, you will be simply amazed at the awesome variety of African fashion styles!

You can easily find African fashion dresses for women, kids and men of all sizes in reputed African fashion design stores. Check out the collection today!

Image Courtesy: Ituen Basi

What To Expect At African Fashion Shows

The African fashion show that existed in the past has become something very different over the years.  It is very obvious that the trends that are popular in Africa have not even touched other parts of the world. As a result, the designs showcased at African fashion shows often introduce viewers to an entirely new world of style.

African fashion shows often feature the debut of new fashion designers.  Young new designers jump at the chance to show their designs to fashionistas, and other established fashion designers who may offer a young designer their first big break.  Aspiring black models also get their start at African fashion shows.  New models use African fashion shows as a way to gain exposure, and increase their chances of landing a job modelling at larger fashion shows working with widely recognized African fashion designers.

If you are interested in attending a fashion show in order to make fashion industry connections make sure you are ready to make the best impression.  In addition to wearing a flattering outfit, be sure to accent your clothing with the right accessories.  Women should take the time to get a makeover and have their makeup professionally applied. During a fashion show, attendees should expect to receive a ‘goody bag’ as a thank you from the hosts.  The goody bags given at African fashion shows are not as lavish as those given out some larger fashion shows.  These bags often contain a unique piece of African jewellery, and the African accessory is designed to be as memorable as possible.

Image Courtesy: NYSDS

COOKIE ANN – Exclusive Sale

Recently we interviewed cookie Ann here, we love Cookie Ann, and we are loving her sale even more!!!

To all the cookie lovers check out the special sale going on here

Design For Style – SOUTH AFRICA

Design for Style was conceptualised and founded by Sheila Afari & Cameron Arendse to showcase young up & coming designers from a variety of backgrounds with a vision to break into the fashion industry.

Design For Style is fashion platform (or vehicle) that showcases emerging designers through fashion shows. Their fashion shows currently take place in Cape Town, and as of March 2011, the shows will also happen in Johannesburg. All their fashion shows are creatively produced to accommodate each designer’s unique vision.

The Design For Style platform is supported by intermediatory events such as workshops that are aimed to assist the designers we showcase as well as other budding designers, to be more sustainable and to learn industry traits such as being commercially viable.

Design For Style has had a successful first year with 9 fashion shows showcasing 14 designers. 2011 will see Design For Style having 7 shows and showcasing 21 designers.

They have retail space in Collage, Long Street, Cape Town, where they stock some of the designers that have showcased. If you are a designer based in South Africa then this is a good opportunity so get in touch with the design for style team below

DFS Team

Sheila Afari – CEO

Cameron Arendse – Creative Director

Ronel Stevens – COO

Letlho Motaung – Production Manager

Kitsi Sebabti – Designer Liason


Design for style Facebook

Shadders Brand Alert – YEMISII & L’avenir

Just came across YEMISII & L’avenir on Bella NaijaThe designer’s journey in design began with a keen passion for accessories, with stunning yet unconventional creations that not only redefined the norm but were years ahead of their time in style. With a highly imaginative approach to designing jewellery and fashion accessories, she incorporates many unusual but exciting media in creating unique and innovative wearable art pieces.

Yemisii’s work is inspired by her personal experiences as well as her intuitive and perceptive disposition towards people: their history, cultures and often strong desire to maintain individuality in a fast paced world which has a rather high tendency to keep people fashion cloned.

In Nigeria where she was born and raised, YEMISII means honor. That is exactly what she seeks to do through design: To celebrate the timeless essence of a beautiful African heritage with utmost levels of sophistication and elegance that can be embraced by the entire world.

Yemisi’s work has been featured in fashion shows and exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, England and America, alongside recognizable industry talents .
View a their latest collections L‘ AVENIR below:

Find out more about the designer here

Images Via Bella Naija

Shadders Brand Alert – YEMISII & L’avenir

Just came across YEMISII & L’avenir on Bella NaijaThe designer’s journey in design began with a keen passion for accessories, with stunning yet unconventional creations that not only redefined the norm but were years ahead of their time in style. With a highly imaginative approach to designing jewellery and fashion accessories, she incorporates many unusual but exciting media in creating unique and innovative wearable art pieces.

Yemisii’s work is inspired by her personal experiences as well as her intuitive and perceptive disposition towards people: their history, cultures and often strong desire to maintain individuality in a fast paced world which has a rather high tendency to keep people fashion cloned.

In Nigeria where she was born and raised, YEMISII means honor. That is exactly what she seeks to do through design: To celebrate the timeless essence of a beautiful African heritage with utmost levels of sophistication and elegance that can be embraced by the entire world.

Yemisi’s work has been featured in fashion shows and exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, England and America, alongside recognizable industry talents .
View a their latest collections L‘ AVENIR below:

Find out more about the designer here

Images Via Bella Naija

The Be Bold Project Takes Off Bold In Ghana

A couple of weeks ago I notified you all about the Be Bold Project launch here the project took off well and believe this show will make a huge impact on Africans all over the world. The BE BOLD project aims to mobilize African students abroad and encourage them to be actively involved in the development of Africa as a whole. They strive to inspire, to encourage and to become a support system for all those who have been educated abroad and locally to stay in Africa to help develop the nation. The Be Bold Project will be Showing every week on ghana, the talk show allows young entrepreneurs to share their success stories and showcases talents of individuals making waves in the world of business which i believed it is so encouraging and inspiring.

Love this elegant lacy dress by Knaf Couture

Mina Evans designs a brand I have fallen for and  will be definitely one to watch in 2011

Had a quick chat with the host who is in the process of making it possible for us who do live in Ghana to be able to watch the programme, so stay tuned here!

For more information about Be Bold Project Team follow them here

Image Courtesy Capture Memory Bank

Shadders Exclusive Feature: South African Accessories Designer – St Erasmus

ST•ERASMUS Autumn/Winter collection showcases unique jewellery design guaranteed to make an impression: a true style statement in the volatile ultra-modern era. The collection has an intense colour palette of dark greys, clear crystal and reflective silver hematite surfaces, the range draws upon classic vintage styling and effortlessly unites this with bold impactful silhouettes. Loving all St Erasmus abstract oversized pieces, this is truly work of art St Erasmus jewellery has alot of celebrities wearing his designs which am not surprise, Mrs Obama wore one of his necklace see image below and be inspired. Am quite surprised as to how reasonable his prices are, ranging from £100- £300
To view the entire collection, please email

Image Courtesy: Erasmus

Shadders Brand Alert – Sunny Rose Handbags By Maureen Okogwu

In 2008 I came across sunny rose handbags and I have loved their work since, this year am looking forward to see more luxurious bags from Maureen Okogwu the owner of the brand. Although Maureen has an Msc in Public Relations the Nigerian designer just could not hide her creativity, she launched the luxurious accessories label Sunny Rose. You can buy from the COUTURELAB

Shadders Brand Alert – Aso Damisi

Aso Damisi (ah-SHAW DAH-me-see) is a new clothing line created by 2 sisters, Moriamo and Latifat, looking to increase the popularity of African inspired wear in the US apparel market. Waxprint fabrics, which comes in different array of colours, are intricately fused with cottons and silks for Aso Damisi’s creations. In recent years, the sisters along with the younger generation of Nigerians began creating different outfits out of the traditional wax print fabrics with an influence of American designer labels. After years of this innovative way of dressing, they decided to introduce this concept to the American fashion industry by launching “Aso Damisi”. Both sisters were born in Nigeria, and they relocated to the United States at a very young age with their family. Moriamo and Latifat originated from the Yoruba speaking tribe in the West African nation. In the Yoruba language, “Aso” means cloth or clothing and “Damisi” means prosperity. The colorfulness, vibrancy, and styles of the clothing worn hold significance as they can represent social standing, age, tribal orientation and marital status.

Aso Damisi recently launched their first Spring/Summer 2011 collections. The line will be sold in different boutiques across the country. Aso Damisi aims to immediately follow with the Fall 2011 collection and continue for seasons to come. Enjoy!

My favourite dress in this collection

Lovely work by Aso Damisi to order simply click here

Joburg Fashion Week 2011 Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes video of Joburg Fashion Week 2011 Campaign Shoot.

Shot in and around the Johannesburg inner city, the JFW 2011 campaign takes in the spectacular venues that will be used during the event, and gives our guests an exclusive look behind the scenes of the shoot. Shot at the end of November 2010, the team captured the visuals to be used for JFW 2011.

Photographer: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Producer: Allana Finley / AFI
Production: Jan Malan / Jan Malan Umzingeli

Photographer Assistant: Gary Stemmett / SDR Photo
Hair and Make Up: Liz van der Merwe
Styling: Jessica Samantha Lupton

Music in clip by DJ Dino Moran

Joburg Fashion Week 2011 Behind the Scenes from African Fashion International on Vimeo.

Shadders Brand Alert- Busayo

Busayo simply means “brings joy” in Yoruba and that is exactly what her line aims to do for your wardrobe. Busayo aims to brighten the contemporary American woman’s wardrobe with the vivid colors and geometric patterns of traditional African fabric. This line celebrates the vibrant spirit and energy of her culture.

Loving what am seeing in Busayo’s collections as there is something for everyone, can event rock some of her dresses to work. For more information, please write to or click here

Via Fashion Bomb

Suakoko Betty By Charlene Danbur

Launched in 2007, suakoko betty (pronounced SWAH-ko-ko) transforms authentic West African wax and resist-dye prints into dresses and separates trendy, modern silhouettes. Their fans share a soft spot for witty colour combinations and sophisticated shapes. “suakoko” means a place of new beginnings in Gio, a West African dialect and is also the name of renowned female warrior-chief in Liberia. Translation: we bring fresh, lead-don’t-follow thinking to African-inspired design.

Images Courtesy – MABPhotographers

To order from Suakoko Betty click here or here

Sneak Peek Of The Vintage Collection “Teaser” By IyZaiah

Last year IyZaiah released their gold coast collection which was a success, this year the designer has decided to try her hand in vintage and retro style which is a big fashion trend ongoing. IyZaiah’s vintage collection is due to be released in March 2011, and Shadders is pleased to show you all a sneak peek of what the designer has instore for us……….. .The vintage collection comprises of popular fashion styles between the 20′s through till the 80s. The African print materials IyZaiah used in her collections due to be released in march has been named “your grandmothers” prints. The designer used the same African print materials for the head pieces below:

This is to give a taste of what’s to come. These vintage hats are called Grace Vintage Hats. Named after her grandmother Grace Dwomoh, who raised her up to the age of nine years. For more information connect with the designer here or here

Image Courtesy: IyZaiah

Sneak Peek Of The Vintage Collection "Teaser" By IyZaiah

Last year IyZaiah released their gold coast collection which was a success, this year the designer has decided to try her hand in vintage and retro style which is a big fashion trend ongoing. IyZaiah’s vintage collection is due to be released in March 2011, and Shadders is pleased to show you all a sneak peek of what the designer has instore for us……….. .The vintage collection comprises of popular fashion styles between the 20′s through till the 80s. The African print materials IyZaiah used in her collections due to be released in march has been named “your grandmothers” prints. The designer used the same African print materials for the head pieces below:

This is to give a taste of what’s to come. These vintage hats are called Grace Vintage Hats. Named after her grandmother Grace Dwomoh, who raised her up to the age of nine years. For more information connect with the designer here or here

Image Courtesy: IyZaiah

Shadders Features African Fashion design – Prima Rouge

This week we have been talking to Tobi Bisola Martins the head designer and owner of Prima Rouge. shadders will like to introduce Prima Rouge, a brand started in 2009 with the intention of filling a unique gap in the art of dress making in Nigeria and beyond. They design, make, and sell highly fashionable clothing for men and women through through their made-to-measure and ready-to-wear service.

By looking at their latest collections, one does not need to be told of the quality and elegance of their work and their choice of luxurious and bold fabrics simply cannot be compared to other designers. It was a pleasure viewing the prima rouge designs worn by their clients, each with unique and distinct style. I must say for your own good and saving you time on searching for a designer that can meet your fashion needs join their Facebook here.

For ordering & enquiries please call +234 702 967 9917 or email Prima Rouge at or

Image Courtesy: Prima Rouge

Cinch That Waist With Aya Morrison Belts

Had a nice browse on Aya Morrison’s website, after a few enquiries about African prints belts. I decided to search well and hard for African Inspired belts that will cinch well on the waist. I found a variety of beautiful belts here

Image Courtesy: Aya Morrison


The top Africa Style & Culture “Arise Magazine” invites 50 of Africa’s best fashion talents to strut the runway. The ARISE Magazine Fashion Week will be hosted in Lagos, Nigeria from 10 to 13 March 2011. The Arise team will exclusively invite top 50 African designers, selected by a team of professionals, the selected designers will have the opportunity to showcase their collections during the Arise Fashion week in Lagos. The best designers out of the 50 will also be invited to participate in the ARISE Magazine Fashion show in New York on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 during New York Fashion Week. Shadders is excited about how 2011 has kicked of with African fashion, cannot wait to find out who are the chosen 5o, if you have any information send it our way..

Image Courtesy: Arise Magazine

Inspired By Africa – Dirndl Africaine

Bavarian-Cameroonian sisters Rahmee Wetterich and Marie Darouiche are the creative talents behind dirndl africaine. The sisters grew up in Cameroon but lived in Munich for many years, and had the vision to artistically combine colourful African fabrics with Bavarian styles.

They describe their dirndls made with colorful African fabrics and embroidered with shells as “a homage to the African woman” and hope to export them to Africa in the future. How do you like the dirndl?

Images Via JosieLoves

Photo Credits: & Wedding Nouveau Designs by Dirndl a L’Africaine; Photography by Florian Harrer}

Deborah Girl – Africa Meets The West

Africa meets the West at its very best with Deborah Girl London’s new ready to be worn women’s wear label. A combination of Cultural heritage with a modern influence, Deborah Girl answers every woman’s dream of being the most looked at in a room. The usage of bright colours and bold prints cleverly compliment the unique yet simply designed collection for all shades, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for inspiration look no further as Deborah Girl has all the answer to your closet needs.

Meet the designer face 2 face on the 30/01/2011 at Covent Garden London at 18.00 onwards, their spring summer collections will be revealed, you can also shop on the day aswell.


Loren Taylor Luxury Handbags

Loren Taylor is a luxury brand set up by two London-based sisters, Loren and Kelly. It is a classic British design fused with often eccentric colour palettes and textural juxtapositions… a design aesthetic influenced by the sisters eclectic childhood in South Africa and love of English style. The elegant yet distinct stylised Protea Signature also clearly pays homage to their time in South Africa.

These bags speaks for themselves, all i can say is that quality at its best, i guess i have to add Loren Taylor bags to my dream list for 2011.

Photo Courtesy : Loren Taylor

Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 Welcomes African Fashion Designers

Shadders had a lovely chat with the Producers of Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW) which will be held in Baltimore City on the 18-21 August 2011. BFW welcomes African fashion designers to take part in this event. This year BFW aims to have more buyers and fashion journalist for designers to be recognised. BFW promises to wow us compared to their previous shows in 2008/2009. Shadders encourages African designers and models who have what it takes to rip the runway……. send an email to for your names to be forwarded to the BFW team.

Inspired By Africa – Colette Malouf Head Pieces

Inspired by her trip to east Africa, Colette  celebrates the amazing landscape of Kenya and Masai which is evident in her collections. The collections includes turban head-wraps and wooden costume jewellery. This week has been all about turbans and if you feel that having all your head covered in a turban is not for you then Colette Malouf head piece is another option to opt for as it will compliment any outfit whilst remaining a tribal chiq.

Image Courtesy – Colette Malouf

Colette malouf Headpieces can be purchased Here ,Here or Here

CJAJ09 Special Sale – Delivery Charges Slashed

CJAJ09 Has slashed delivery charges on all orders made to any UK address. Further reduction for other destinations check out their website for more bargains.  Order from here

Loeffler Randall Shoes For Suno

This week I wrote about Julian Louie for Aldo, the full shoe collection was wedges due to be released this spring. I  just had a flash back and had a look at Max Osterweis of Suno’s 2011 collections, I noticed that the models were wearing these prints wedges by Loeffler Randall, i guess we are going to have a wedgier summer stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy: Paper Mag & Loeffler Randall

Special SALE @ Sika Designs

In spite of VAT increase from 17.5% – 20%, African designers such as Sika Designs and others have managed to keep the discounts and bargains going. Check out their sale and shop from here

Affordable African Wear By Olusimple Style

Olusimple Style combines vibrant and great pattern designs of African Print fabrics with fabulous western designs to create beautiful pieces suitable for day and evening wear. The Fabric used are pure 100% cotton fabrics and very affordable with prices ranging from £35 – £50,  buying from Olusimple style will definitely not break the bank

Shop Here

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